About Us

About Us

About Us

Established in 2002, with over two decades of history, we have focused on continuously improving our services by adopting new technologies and market trends, while maintaining our commitment to quality, safety and customer satisfaction.

Today, we are proud to be a pioneering thinkable construction company recognised for our innovative and environmentally friendly projects in Turkey and Greece. To date, we have built over 3500 living spaces and our accumulated experience continues to evolve with niche projects such as living villages, tourism routes, hotels and co-living.

Our Mission and Vision

"To create a bright future by creating sustainable, innovative and human-centred living spaces."
Our mission is to become the preferred living space manufacturer in our region and beyond by continuously developing our strong, well-established, dynamic, corporate and human-oriented infrastructure. Focusing on living environments that prioritise the well-being of our customers and our world, we are committed to shaping the future of construction with sustainable, environmentally friendly practices and innovative designs.

Bridging International Shelter Cultures

As our presence in the global market continues to grow, we are committed to delivering innovative and sustainable projects that reflect the unique character of each location and comply with the highest international standards.

Our Commitment to Sustainability and Ecological Consciousness

As Mim İnşaat A.Ş., we are aware of the importance of protecting the environment and we promise to implement sustainable construction practices in all our projects. We focus on creating living spaces that not only improve the quality of life of our customers but also contribute to a healthier world.
In our projects, we use environmentally friendly materials, energy-efficient technologies and innovative designs that encourage harmony with nature. We prioritise green areas and integrate natural elements into our projects to create a balanced and sustainable living environment.

Our Projects

Revillage Ida :

One of our specialities is building authentic village houses and stone houses that celebrate local architectural styles and materials, providing residents with a sense of tradition and belonging.
Located in the breathtaking natural landscapes of Çanakkale, Bayramiç, Kazdağları, our Revillage projects offer a serene sanctuary for those seeking a life in harmony with nature. The modern and eco-friendly living spaces in our innovative living villages offer residents the opportunity to reconnect with nature in a peaceful and sustainable environment.

Islandi Thassos:

Island Life and the uniqueness of Nature...
Located on an idyllic Greek island, our projects embrace the idyllic island lifestyle. Islandi Thassos offers residents a unique opportunity to live in harmony with nature and local culture. Islandi Thassos went on sale in October 2023 and all houses quickly found their owners. Now it is time for the exciting sales process of the 2nd phase. Starting 15 January 2024, you can join the fascinating world of Islandi Thassos with new sales.

Renature Ida:

Renature Ida, the apple of our eye, our first hotel concept; On the road to the peaks of the mountains, in our first village Çırpılar, 16 standard rooms, 8 independent garden rooms and 2 suites with a total of 26 rooms and a restaurant serving the organic products of the mountains. Guests will enjoy the hotel's sustainable and environmentally friendly structure along with a gastronomic experience offering local flavours.