Colorful Harvest Festivals in Different Corners of the World

Colorful Harvest Festivals in Different Corners of the World
07 Jan.
Harvest festivals are celebrated in different parts of the world as a sign of abundance and happiness.
Harvest festivals are celebrated in different parts of the world as a sign of abundance and happiness.
Baisakhi Festival – India
Celebrated on April 13-14 since the 17th century, Baisakhi (Vaisakhi) Festival is one of the most important harvest festivals in India. This festival, which takes place in the Punjab and Nepal regions, is held to celebrate both the start of the solar year and the harvest. One of the most important rituals of the festival is walking on fire.
Festival participants believe that by passing through the fire, they both thank God for the fruitful harvest and are cleansed of their sins. Bathing in the sacred lake in the Golden Temple, known as the pilgrimage point of the Sikhs, and Bhangra and Gidda dances are performed. Especially for Sikhs, these dates are considered auspicious for marriage ceremonies.
Erntedankfest – Germany
Erntedankfest, which takes place on the first Sunday of October, is a harvest festival celebrated at the end of the grape harvest in Germany and is carried on in old traditions where grape growing still continues. In this festival, where events similar to Thanksgiving are held in other countries, a green branch and bushes are hung on the doors of the houses. In the festival, which has been celebrated since pre-Christian times, the villagers also taste the wines produced that year with their traditional clothes, parades are organized, music is listened and danced. There is a tradition that a “harvest crown” made of grains is presented at ceremonies, and a Harvest Queen is chosen each year. In major cities the church is celebrated for celebrations and thank God for the "harvest gift" to be celebrated.
Bozcaada Vintage Festival – Turkey
Since Turkey is an agricultural country, harvest festivals are held in many regions. However, the most popular one is undoubtedly Bozcaada Vintage Festival. The festival, which hosts colorful images every year, provides pleasant moments to both its people and tourists as the island turns into a giant fairground. Undoubtedly, one of the most special moments of the festival is that the farmers, workers and guests who work in the vineyard all year get on tractors and set off in long convoys to the vineyards.
In this way, guests participating in the vintage festivities can share in the harvest of the farmers and taste the products of that year together with them as soon as they are removed from the soil. Each year, a Miss Grape is selected from these entertaining events that end with tastings. This festival, which has been celebrating the labor and difficult production process for a year, is also colored by the special concerts, competitions, sales areas and tasting events organized by the island municipality.
Mid-Autumn Festival – China
Held near the September equinox in the Gregorian calendar, the Mid-Autumn Festival is China's largest harvest festival. Since the festival coincides with the period when the moon is round and bright, it has become a tradition to consume a special cake called Moon Cake in celebrations. For this reason, the festival is also called the Moon Cake Festival. While this special day is believed to renew friendships and family relationships, countless poems have been written about how lovers found each other on this special night. His legends are still influential on the public even today.
During the festival, families dance to the music and thank each other by presenting their special cakes. In festivals resembling Thanksgiving rituals, decorated lanterns are prepared and wishes are made, picnics are held under the moonlight, and gratitude is given to abundance.